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When you’re feeling out of sorts, need time out or feeling under pressure, this 8 minute guided meditation takes you from your outer world senses to your inner world senses so you can feel refreshed and ready to face your world with renewed vigor šŸ’œ


A little bit about my story and why I created The Heart Of Metaphysics Program

Metaphysical science is my passion.  I just makes sense.  It brings understanding and order to life.  It's true life intelligence!


Self Study Courses

Welcome To The Heart Of Metaphysics

 Intelligence for life

THE HEART OF METAPHYSICS was run as a 6 month coaching program in 2022. 

I've had numerous requests to access the program content...  SO... I have made each individual subject a self study course so that you can choose the subjects that most call to your heart.  I have also offered some live group coaching along with the courses for a very minimal fee. You can get all your questions answered on these calls.

There are eight (8) fabulous courses from The Heart Of Metaphysics Program and two (2) separate courses you can read about at the bottom of the page... all of these courses are packed full with metaphysical  knowledge and real intelligence for life... and they're available for purchase right now!

Metaphysics is not new, it's been around for thousands of years.  Metaphysical science and the teachings of the I AM are the true and wise words of the Masters... it is the forgotten wisdom on the subject of "who we are and how to live a soul connected life" and it's a continually rich and unfolding journey on the magical path to enlightenment.

These teachings go to the core of who we really are... they speak to your soul. 

How lucky we are, to have come across the Chart of the Divine Self and its wonderful and wise teachings on how to live a truly successful life!  (The Chart Of The Divine Self is taught in the Teachings Of A Higher Order.

Metaphysics is in my heart and soul, it certainly saved me when I was "unknowingly" making a mess of my life...   AND I can't wait to share this monumental, magnificent and magical information with you!  I know it's my life purpose to do so! 

Metaphysical science and the teachings of the I AM are pure gold!
I believe this information is the missing piece to life's puzzle... it just makes sense!

Many blessings to you...
Christine šŸ’œ



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 Life Skills

Self Study Course Selection

METAPHYSICAL LIFE SKILLS are personal development at it's best! 

These courses address some of the foundations of metaphysical science.  The lessons are practical and offer very useable skills for every day living... right where we need it!

These courses give you a solid frame work... a structure to follow to get hold of your life and build your life the way you'd like it.  If you have chaos and struggle going on in your life and you don't seen to be able to change it... Metaphysical Life Skills are for you!  I was there too for the first 30+ years of my life.  These teachings can shift your life so you can live with more mental clarity, emotional calm and life balance.

True life success isn't just about having the knowledge, it's about being able to use that information to create a great life for yourself - to be able to ground metaphysical understanding right into your practical daily life, and I teach you how to do that in these courses.

When these teachings are followed and put into daily practice, there is a automatic expansion of awareness and a raising of consciousness which affects your outer life in very positive ways -  anxiety, distress and doubt are replaced with an greater sense of stability, peace and wellbeing.

To become the best version of yourself, all aspects must be worked on... the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical parts of you must be addressed and brought into alignment. 

These foundational teachings help to pave the way for a better quality of life... a higher way of living.

I've used these exact teachings to completely change my own life and I've taught many thousands of others to do the same.  It's my pleasure to share this knowledge with you šŸ’œ

1. The Art Of Meditation
2. Karma Basics 
3. Mind Matters
4. The Affirmation Act

The Art Of Meditation

Discover how a regular meditation practice can release negative emotions, tension, stress and anxiety and bring a wonderful sense of peace and calm into your life.

You're given a Mantra, shown how to use it...  and taught about the energetic effects of riding on its vibration. 

I discuss what's normal in meditation and what the wonderful benefits are... which are many!  You'll also see some very interesting brain scans.

People meditate for different reasons... for health, stress, anxiety, relaxation, spiritual connection and expansion... it helps with all of it!  

It quietens the mind, soothes the emotions and relaxes the body.  It realigns all parts of your being... AND it opens your spiritual channel!

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Karma Basics

Unravel the myths of karma and see how to work with karma in a practical and graceful way.

 In Karma Basics, you'll discover how you're creating karma in every living moment.   There is a little bit of fun built into this course too... šŸ˜‚

This course explains how karma works in your daily life and how you can consciously balance your karma moment to moment and transform any negative effects it may have been having in your life.

You get to see and understand how to deal with life's challenges in a conscious, positive way so you can handle situations with more grace.

You'll see how karma presents a wonderful opportunity for positive change!

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Mind Matters

Uncover the workings of your mind... you have a meaningful, magnificent, magical mind, which is highly intelligent. Becoming aware of how to lead your mind in a  constructive manner is a powerful life-changing journey. 

It's time to take charge of your mind!

In this course, you'll see how the mind works. How conditioning and habits are formed throughout life and the affect that those habits have on your life.  We do some mind mapping and look at intention and language.

You are shown through an impactful visual display which highlights 
how your mind processes language and how habits of thought, feeling and spoken word are being placed into your lifestream.

Learning to direct and master your mind can shift your life in ways that will astound you!

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The Affirmation Act

Affirmations can be a powerful adjunct to a conscious intention to transformation of your life.

In this course you are shown how to write your affirmations in a positive, powerful and effective way.

It shows you what to do and what not to do, so that you feel confident in writing and implementing your affirmations.

You are shown exactly how to structure your affirmations and how to bring them to life... how to energise them... and I show you in a visual form as well so know exactly how to focus your mind and energy.

I'll also share my secret affirmation ingredient that takes your affirmations to a whole new level. 

You're given the structure to write positive, effective and powerful affirmations so that you can create conscious and impactful change.

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 Teachings Of A Higher Order

Self Study Course Selection

TEACHINGS OF A HIGHER ORDER are spiritual teachings of the most divine essence and superior intelligence of mind, body, heart and soul.

These courses are the based on the discourses and wisdom of the Masters that have gone before us.  The courses show you clearly, the extension of your soul and its connections to higher, vibrational dimensions that exist within you.

You are shown how to protect yourself and your personal energy... how to connect and engage with your Higher Self and your Mighty I AM Presence.

This Higher Presence is there waiting for you... it is already a part of you, and all you have to do is become aware of it... (which I teach you in the course ) and open the door to this rich inner world that you are connected to.  It's truly awesome, inspiring and magically mind blowing!!!   

A whole new world that I didn't know existed opened up for me after my marriage and personal breakdown in 1992.  When I finally surrendered through seer and total devastation and exhaustion... when I let go of all the trying and over-giving... in it flooded!  But I had know idea what any of it meant back then...  after meditating and studying Metaphysical Science and the teachings of the I AM for 30 years... I've been shown it's my purpose to share this higher knowledge with a wider audience.  I have resisted and questioned this for years, but now I know it's time to share this information with you.

You are magnificent beyond words!  I hope you get to see that one day!  It's time to open your eyes, reach for the sky and fly high!

There is a whole other world, an inner world of truth, intelligence, love, purity, peace and richness just waiting for you to enter.  How exiting is this!!!

The Teachings Of A Higher Order courses are very much a recipe for living a soul-connected life in this physical world.  It's no good going out of your body and flufffing around in the clouds... you live in a physical body with a physical life... so you have to draw this higher vibrational light in and ground this energy into your body and your physical world, and I show you how to do that.  It's your job and privilege to practice it.

This knowledge is pure intelligence for life!   Metaphysics is not new, it's been around for thousands of years.  Metaphysical science and the teachings of the I AM are the true and wise words of the Masters... it is the forgotten wisdom on the subject of "who we are and how to live a soul connected life" and it's a continually rich and unfolding journey on the magical path to enlightenment.

These teachings go to the core of who we really are... they connect you more deeply with your soul. 

I'm excited to share these higher teachings with you šŸ’œ

1. Your Tube Of Light
2. Your Higher Self 
3. The Heart Of The Higher Self
4. The I AM Presence

Your Tube Of Light

Draw on your tube of light and travel into your internal world of protection, truth and higher knowledge.

Your Tube of light consists of electronic energy. It drops down around you forming a field of  light. This higher vibrational light creates a force field around you, which insulates you against outer world negativity.  

It also provides a direct pathway to your Higher Self.

You'll be guided step by step in  how to consciously draw this tube of light down so you can start building your light body.  

These practices support a greater connection with your soul... and enhance your practical daily life. 

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Your Higher Self

This course introduces you to your Higher Self and provides a visual guide, so that you have a clear inner picture of how to work with your own Higher Self. 

Your Higher Self is your teacher, best friend and guide.  It knows all about you and why you're here.

You're shown how to build your connection, which opens your channel and expands your consciousness revealing more information about your life purpose.

Understanding how these vibrational relationships work with each other is magic!  This knowledge allows for a greater understanding of the Laws of Life and how to work with them for your highest good.

These teachings are GOLD!  


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The Heart Of The      Higher Self

This is where the teachings really come to life...  

As you develop and practice the principles of this knowledge, the light expands within you... and your life becomes clearer.

When you feel connected... and all parts of you are in the process of blending, you'll notice how much more authentic you're becoming. 

This fusion is a vital step in moving towards union with your Higher Self and becoming who you truly are!

You are literally raising your vibration!

Your relationships become richer, more intimate, more real... and you feel a stronger sense of stability and safety within yourself.

This course shows you how to blend the lower heart with the higher heart.

 After so many years of working with this Higher Knowledge I still find it fascinating and MAGICAL and I hope you will too!


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The I AM Presence

Meet your electronic body of light...  The I AM Presence is all about your spiritual reality.  It's fascinating!

Discover how your I AM Presence quickens and raises your consciousness... this quickening process assists you to release past trauma and move forward at a much greater rate.

Once you have a visual understanding of your I AM Presence, you can start connecting your life force and energy with this part of yourself, which literally raises the cells of your body into a higher frequency.

You're shown the amazing intelligence of life and how it blends 3 completely different frequencies for greater communication between the different realms within you. It is the most phenomenal intelligence!

You'll learn about the Chart Of Your Divine Self which is an actual structure you can follow to live a more soul connected life... The chart clearly shows you your relationship to a higher power and how that power works within all vibrational dimensions that you live in.

Understanding your chart brings greater joy, satisfaction and a sense of great freedom to the soul.


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The Breathing Shift

Feel alive, well and happy through the power of your breath! It's truly MAGICAL!

This is wonderful for helping with anxiety and distress!

This course gives you detailed step by step instruction on how to breathe better so that wellbeing, mental clarity and emotional balance can be yours on demand to live a more balanced, happy and stable life!


Expand your spiritual connection and release anxiety, stress, overwhelm and worry from your life.

From the "breathing lady" herself... Christine Heart Savage

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How to Give a Shift


This is my signature program and theĀ foundation for great change!Ā 

(I've been there... lived through a devastating dark period and I know how to help you)

Overcome self doubt, stress, burnout, anxiety, overwhelm and struggleĀ with these practices... Know exactly what to do to balance the challenges of life with confidence as they appear.

How to Give a Shift is a highly transformativeĀ Life MasteryĀ Program.Ā  It shows you how to catch and release long standing negative patterns of behaviour, and how to create a stable and successful way of living.


When you follow the teachingsĀ and suggested practices, and set up a committed daily program you'll start to notice shifts in your awareness and be able to make confident, more aligned choices within a very short time.



Live ~ Online BreathworkĀ 

Breathwork is wonderfully transformative activity.Ā I lead you through a simple breathing process which bypasses your conscious thinking mind and opens the doorway to your subconscious and higher mind, raising your cellular vibration which transforms negative, stuck energy into clean, useable energy.

You feel light, peaceful and washed clean with breathwork... but most of all you feel a deeper connection with your soul!

This is where the metaphysical meets the physical...Ā AND magic happens āœØ



Hi, I'mĀ Christine Heart Savage

Iā€™m a highly experiencedĀ coach in the area of Metaphysical Science and Breathwork and I know what it's like to be anxious, distressed and lost!Ā  I've been there!

I help people who are experiencing distress, anxiety, fear, and overwhelm, who often question their very identity and purpose in life - to find emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual connection so they can live with healthy boundaries, emotional stability and the self confidence to create a happy and successful soul-connected life.

Without knowledge and know-how you just stay stuck in the same rut day in, day out, struggling with awful feelings of doubt, fear, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion.Ā  I've been there big time!!!

With guidance you can eliminate your symptoms andĀ create a strong, stable, confident and successful you.

Hereā€™s to breaking up withĀ chaos and living a happy, soul-connectedĀ life!

Ā Christine Heart SavagešŸ’œ

Ready To Experience 1:1 Life Changing Coaching?

Words from Past Clients...

Stefanie Gillis

As a coach, Christine is warm, compassionate, authentic, honest and encompasses every element of mind, body and spirit in the work that we do.

Christine’s knowledge, deep understanding and ability to connect has helped me so much in getting to the core of where I need to do my work.

To feel so supported in a journey that is at times both unfamiliar and uncomfortable is such a blessing.

Christian O'Connell

Christine is a joy to work with. 

This is someone who has really experienced what it's like to feel yourself at the very edges of what you can take, she’s been there and knows how to help you come back to a bigger, stronger, happier version of yourself. How courage means living full-hearted in this life. 

I came to see her needing some support and got that and also a soul mate I still keep in touch with. 

Just book in and see what happens. 

Joana De Silver

I've learned so much from my coaching sessions with Christine.

I don’t want to ever go back to my anxiety, fear and confusion. I am more truthful and open with myself and other people - it’s so good to be conscious, simple and clear. 

I often think “what would Christine say and do in this situation”, it helps me to stop, and choose to be the best I can be.