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Hi, I'm Christine Heart Savage

I’m so pleased to meet you! 

Have YOU ever had the realisation that your life isn’t feeding your soul…

Do you ever feel empty, distressed and trapped on the never-ending treadmill with no idea how to get off?

I used to feel like that!

When I finally realised I was addicted to struggle and drama… I knew things had to change.

What an eye opener!!! 

I suddenly saw I was using my precious, creative life force to create chaos... and the amazing thing is, I didn’t know I was doing it. I lurched from one drama to another! 

I felt like my soul was running on empty.

In this guide, I have given you some guidance on some common mistakes we make (I made them too)  and I've given you 3 TIPS or "TO DO's" so you can connect more strongly with your soul!

Here’s to living a successful happy and soul connected life!

 Christine Heart Savage x
Metaphysician & Life Coach

Check out what some of my beautiful clients are saying...

Stefanie Gillis

As a coach, Christine is warm, compassionate, authentic, honest and encompasses every element of mind, body and spirit in the work that we do.

Christine’s knowledge, deep understanding and ability to connect has helped me so much in getting to the core of where I need to do my work.

To feel so supported in a journey that is at times both unfamiliar and uncomfortable is such a blessing.

Christian O'Connell

Christine is a joy to work with. 

This is someone who has really experienced what it's like to feel yourself at the very edges of what you can take, she’s been there and knows how to help you come back to a bigger, stronger, happier version of yourself. How courage means living full-hearted in this life. 

I came to see her needing some support and got that and also a soul mate I still keep in touch with. 

 Just book in and see what happens. 

Joana De Silver

I have learned so much from my coaching sessions with Christine. I don’t want to ever go back to my anxiety, fear and confusion. I am more truthful and open with myself and other people - it’s so good to be conscious, simple and clear. 

I often think “what would Christine say and do in this situation”, it helps me to stop, and choose to be the best I can be.